Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Xtracked July 2009 beta-update: Kickoff!

It's been quiet... too quiet around Xtracked! But starting today that's all going to change and we want you to be the first to know! Grab an online copy of our very first newsletter to find out more about our entire new Beta website, the Official Xtracked Blog and our latest tweets on Twitter!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kickoff; Branding Xtracked

To kick off the official Xtracked blog we wanted to tell you something about the first steps we took; brainstorming for a brand name and designing the logo. After a couple of brainstorm sessions, a few cups of coffee and loads of energy drink we came up with our final name and slogan; 'Xtracked - Been there, Done that'. After all, we where planning on developing a free service which enables users to professionally track where they've been and what they've done.

With keywords in mind as 'GPS', 'tracking', 'tracing', 'maps' and 'coordinates', our head designer grabbed his good old pad and pen and started sketching away. After some fiddling around with different tracks, dots, flags and oversized crosses, he decided to search for something more in line with our newly founded brand name, you know, 'Xtracked'! To be honest with you guys, the first 'X' he had drawn was totally off, but with some slight tweaks… it came alive! After a close look it actually looked like the 'X' was ready to walk right of the paper he drew it on! He added some dots to mark the X's steps, picked the right typography, digitized the graphic and voila, our logo was born!

Our head designer had done it again, he blew us away with yet another stunningly good looking graphic! Or like our company nerds at software use to say; 'He pulled of a headshot with that one!'.

We hope you enjoyed our first blog in a series of more to come. Be sure to keep an eye on Xtracked.com and follow Xtracked on Blogger and Twitter to keep up to date with the coolest designs, geekiest technology info and latest status updates concerning Xtracked!